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  • Hi all,

    I’ve been using WP a whole 2 days and am struggling a bit.

    I need to remove the permanent Home link and Meta stuff from the page. Looking in the code inspector tells me they’re in the HTML, but there IS no HTML file I can edit. How the heck do you do it then?? If I delete the lines on the code inspector, the offending stuff is removed from the screen but I can’t find a way to save the changes.

    The other thing I’m finding tough is putting a vertical menu in the left sidebar. I have a widget but can’t get it to show up.

    Any help would be most appreciated

    Many thanks

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  • Please post a link to your site.

    Are you using a Custom Menu?


    I’m sorry I posted on the main forum as well, but looking at the other posts here it seemed a long shot to get a reply. I did ask this question there earlier but was rather brusquely told to come here. Odd really as a question I asked yesterday was promptly and courteously answered. I’m very new to WP (2 days), feel like I’m working in a fog and am only asking for help because I really need it.

    I’m sorry I can’t post a link as I have nothing up yet – I’m working on WAMP on my PC.

    I’ve opted for the layout with 2 sidebars. I downloaded a widget for a vertical menu – I guess that would qualify as custom? (I’m assuming that non-custom is something that comes with the theme?) It’s installed, configured via its little drop-down page and I’ve put it in the Extrabar for Pages, but it doesn’t show on the page. I know there’s a place to configure ‘ordinary’ menues – do I need to use that as well to get this one working?

    My most annoying issue though is not being able to find how to delete the permanent Home link and the Meta stuff from the page. I’ve unchecked all the meta options on the appropriate edit tab, but it’s the Meta heading on the right of the page I can’t find the coding for. If I can’t get those off, then the need for the menu becomes redundant as I won’t be able to use the theme at all.

    I’m sorry to ask so many questions, but like lots of great programs and utilities, the very simple stuff tends not to get explained very well in the dox etc.

    I do appreciate any help you can give.

    Generally, all forums are answered by the same volunteers – but having theme questions in the theme forums helps keep things organized better AND if the theme developer actively supports the theme, he/she will see it on the theme forum but not elsewhere. If the theme developer doesn’t do so, that’s unfortunate and often, someone else helps out – but there is no guarantee of any level of support – these forums are entirely staffed by volunteers.

    Okay, all that said, it’s much harder to help without being able to see the site – but a custom menu allows you to control what shows up in the regular menu – see:

    As to the meta stuff, you can generally hide that using CSS – but you need to have a Custom CSS to do that – if the theme does not have it, use a plugin like Custom CSS Manager – that way your changes won’t be overwritten when the theme is updated. I’ll see if I can find the CSS you will need to add.

    What plugin are you using for the vertical menu?


    I do realise that you guys are volunteers and do appreciate your time and expertise.

    I’m using a menu just called Dropdown Menu Widget, as it seemed fairly easy.

    Is it not possible to edit the HTML via the code inspector facility (right click an element on the actual webpage and select ‘inspect element’ from the popup)? I can delete code on there and the element disappears from the screen, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to save the changes.

    I appreciate you looking for the appropriate code for me, thank you.

    No, you cannot modify HTML that way – php-based websites don’t work like that. HTML is generated dynamically when the page is loaded in the browser – it’s fundamentally different from a static HTML site.

    I just installed the theme on a test site – looks like you can hide the meta info by adding this to the Custom CSS (theme option):

    article footer {
       display: none;

    See if using a Custom Menu allows you to modify the home tab – if not, this CSS should work:

    #menu li#home {
        display: none;

    I don’t think I can be doing this correctly!

    I placed the code in the Custom CSS as you said and absolutely nothing happened. I’m using a Child Theme, created by making a new folder in the same directory as the parent folder, creating a style.css file and then copying all of the parent files except the function.php to the child folder. That’s how I read to do it anyway.

    I just dropped the code into the Custom CSS and clicked the button – is that all I need to do? The meta info is at the top of the right sidebar by the way, not in the footer, if that’s where the CSS is designed to apply itself?

    Quick update on the menu – I have it configured and can see a working demo thumbnail of it on the configuration page, but it refuses to load onto the page still.

    Further update – I tried loading the menu onto the right sidebar instead of the left and that worked, so it is on the page now but on the wrong side. According to the theme info and the config page, it should be possible to load it onto anywhere on the page pretty much I think?

    a new folder in the same directory as the parent folder, creating a style.css file and then copying all of the parent files except the function.php to the child folder. That’s how I read to do it anyway.

    The child theme should ONLY contain the style.css file and any .php files that you have changed – not all of them. Did you activate the child theme?

    No, that’s not the meta I thought you were talking about – I’ll look at it again, but tell me in more detail what you want to remove…again, since I’m not looking at your site, it’s hard to be sure that my test site is relevant.

    It’s really next to impossible to help with things like this without seeing the site…

    Since I’m not at all familiar with this theme, that makes it harder as well – it’s not a typical theme with all the built-in options.

    If changes are not showing up – are you clearing your browser cache?

    (I also have to go do some other things for a few hours, so I’ll have to check back on this then…maybe someone else will jump in here in the meantime.)

    I realise you have a life outside this, lol!

    I did activate the child theme and it’s running now. I picked this one because it seemed to have more options, or at least easier to edit options, than most of the others. Perhaps I’d be better off with a different one? I’m supposing that you mean PHP files I’ve changed manually via the code editor? That would be none then as I have no PHP expertise at all. I’ll take the excess files out of the child folder.

    All I want is a very simple site with my header banner at the top, menu on the left, content in the middle and possibly another sidebar on the right, but that’s not essential. Black background, text in an ochre-yellow colour and pictures. Nothing particularly ambitious really.

    Changes are showing up ok but the menu stubbornly refuses to go on the left for some reason.

    Not to worry, I’ll keep plugging away and see if I can stumble over the answer. That’s pretty much how I learned Dreamweaver, so anything’s possible!

    Many thanks for your time today, it’s much appreciated.


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