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  1. D_Hunter
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi, I'm planning to make a one page website and I was just wondering how I could reduce the white space / padding at the top and the bottom of the page. The coming soon text is a guide as to where the page starts (the first line of content). I don't want all the padding or white space gone maybe halved. I had a look in the stylesheet hoping I would just have to tinker/change some values but I couldn't find anything.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Website: Park Street Barbers

  2. First thing you need to do is make a child theme - http://cyberchimps.com/guide/responsive-pro-example-child-theme/

    and then you can start by removing the padding at the top by editing this:

    #header {
    margin: 15px 25px 10px 0;

    Just reduce the top margin. Right now it's set to 15px.

    As for the bottom, it's hard to say.. I can only see a coming soon page. Maybe once you have content on there, it will make more sense to us.

  3. D_Hunter
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hey, thanks yeah I was adjusting values in the stylesheet and managed to reduce the white padding at the top but I forgot to make a child theme. If I make a child theme now will I have to redo the change or wait for the theme to update and then add the changes?
    Thank you for the reply.

  4. esmi
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    Posted 1 year ago #

    I believe there are pre-made child themes for Responsive. Try asking on the theme's dedicated forum: http://cyberchimps.com/forum/free/responsive/

  5. Here's the link where you can download the child theme:


    What I would recommend is that you add your changes to the child theme right now and then when there's a theme update, just update it and you will have the most up to date code.

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