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  • here is my site:
    if you visit these two sections:

    TRIP O’CLAN BLOG and TRIP O’CLAN TRIP is written at the top, I don’t see an option to edit this section. I tried to do it from settings and also from appearance > customize, but no luck.

    Or, I don’t mind remove this section too, if you can suggest me the css code of removing this title from home page.

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  • Hi raizaduran. The page title is derived either from the blog heading/subheading or the site title. In your situation the blog heading is being displayed and the blog subheading is being hidden by CSS in your child theme. The blog heading is set in Customize > Content > Blog Design > Blog Heading. You can use the following CSS to hide the title on the home page:

    .home .page-title {
        display: none;
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    Thank you bdbrown. I don’t think I’d need any custom code, I just noticed there is an option to check/uncheck for ‘Display a custom heading for your blog’, which fulfills the need.

    But, for my blog instance I can see this option, for trip instance I don’t see it, where as both are using same theme, just child themes are different. (fyi, it’s multisite)

    here are the two screenshots:

    blog section
    trip section

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    You’re welcome. I haven’t used multisite so not sure what, if any, the differences would/should be between the sites. You’re welcome to leave this topic open to see if anyone else reading it might be able to answer that question.

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    let’s see what other community members have to say. Well it’s surprising to see that it is happening, that one instance has all the features available for the theme, where another instance doesn’t have that.

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