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  • I would like to have only 2 featured pages on my front page.

    By default, there are 3. Is there a way to conveniently remove one of them AND keep the other 2 centered on the page?

    I am using Customizr version 3.1.5

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  • Hi, to style and customize your featured pages, you can look in the code snippets or use a specific extension here.
    Thanks and hope this helps

    Hi Nicolas,
    I’m trying to solve the same issue, to show only 2 featured pages intead of the default 3.

    I know that I could probably fix it with the extension, but I can’t afford it…
    Isn’t there any snippet for this simple task?

    Thanks in advance!

    Try this:

    .fp-two {display:none;}
    .marketing .span4 {width: 45%;}

    I would like to have 4 featured pages on my front page.
    How can I do this?

    See the #2 response from @nikeo.

    Hi, please start a new thread (as per the forum welcome) or check the following links :

    thanks rdell! i can’t but i’d write [resolved]
    and thanks nikeo for the great theme!

    after input

    .fp-two {display:none;}
    .marketing .span4 {width: 45%;}

    which works fine, the two images does not stay in the center of div.row.widget-area. They stay slightly left. I tried with
    .row {
    margin-left: 0;
    but didn’t solve it.

    You can easily don’t display an fp, adding this to your child-theme functions.php (without adding any css rule).

    add_filter('tc_featured_pages_ids', 'my_fp_ids');
    function my_fp_ids($fp_ids){
        $fp_to_remove = 1; /* Use 0 for the first fp, 1 for the second, 2 for the third*/
        array_splice($fp_ids, $fp_to_remove, 1);
        return $fp_ids;
    add_filter('tc_fp_per_line', 'my_fp_per_line');
    function my_fp_per_line(){
        return 2;

    Hope this helps.

    works like a charm! thank you!!!
    just one more question:
    how can I get the images bigger if needed? (the featured images in fp)

    Hi I have the same problem and I used the code @d4z_c0nf posted (in child theme). It worked first but when I returned to the site I noticed it had stopped working. I had added custom css in the dashboard (as I needed to darken the shaded area behind the text in the slider.

    Any suggestions about how to get rid of the third fp so that I can keep the darker slider text background please?

    Thanks in advance!

    If it worked at first and then stopped when you returned, then I would guess that you have a cache plugin, so it worked when you were logged in but when you came back and were logged out, you saw the cached version.

    If I’m right, then you need to clear your cache plugin’s cache.

    Or these days you can short-circuit it by getting the (paid) Featured Pages Unlimited from the site.

    Oops. That link should of course be

    Thanks ElectricFeet, clearing cache didn’t make a difference am afraid. I may just have to think of a third thing to put on the site.

    Just tried it: it works perfectly for me (logged in and logged out). Where are you pasting it? It needs to go in your child theme’s functions.php. See How to Customize Customizr for more detail.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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