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[Resolved] How to remove nav buttons

  • This is a great plug in that’s very simple to use. Just one thing, is there a way to remove/edit the navigation buttons which are currently displayed to the top right of the carousel? I’d like to either move them to a more suitable location or remove them as they overlap the right column on an ipad (though are fine on a PC with a larger screen area).




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  • Plugin Author Ziv


    Currently you cannot do this but the next plugin update will include the option to change the location of the buttons.
    If you would like, I could give you instructions on how to move the buttons to the left corner by editing a short piece of code. It would work normally and may fix your issue.
    Please let me know if moving the buttons to the left would fix your issue so I could provide you the code snippet.

    Please advise if this plugin can smoothly and automatically rotate images. It should show 6 or 7 images out of a total of 20, and pause on hover. Presume that code can be posted into a text widget? Many thanks

    Sorry, Forgot to say that I would also like to remove or hide buttons completely. Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Ziv


    @drek2c Sorry, but that feature is beyond the scope of this plugin. What you are looking for is an image slider. There are a lot of image slider plugins which do exactly what you want.
    I did a quick search and found a plugin called soliloquy. It looks pretty nice.
    Good luck with your plugin search 🙂

    Ziv, Many thanks for your reply and for the link. Been trying for somewhile to find something suitable. Will try out your suggestion.

    Plugin Author Ziv


    No problem, good luck.

    Thanks for this plugin. I would like to move the buttons so please post the code. Is a CSS stylesheet change? Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author Ziv


    This following thread will explain how to remove the navigation buttons:


    Thnaks Ziv, I wanted to just move the arrows, not remove them but I finally figured it out using the following…

    .wpic_navigation {
    width: 420px !important;

    Plugin Author Ziv


    Nice fix. This moved them to the right correct?

    Yes, correct, I centered the arrows roughly in the middle of the page (420px) above a row of icons.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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