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  • each link shows a page with different content, I see a list on one and a map on the other, not sure what you’re refereing to.

    I’m referring to the page without the map, the first link, I can’t seem to remove the spacing between “colorado” and”delaware”.

    I see no difference in the list entry spacing on either page, if that’s what you mean. maybe a browser thing?

    I see it now. Colorado has css which the others don’t, when I deleted the “margin: 1.71429em 0;” the space got smaller but was still excessive.

    .entry_content *:first-child, .post-excerpt > *:first-child {
        margin-top: 0;
    style....1712538 (line 60)
    p {
        orphans: 4;
    style....1712538 (line 62)
    p, .p, .hentry ul, .hentry ol {
        margin: 1.71429em 0;

    Wow, in the CSS? Strange. All I am running for custom is below. Thank for the effort!

    #callout .callout_text-pad {padding: 0 0;}
    #callout .callout-area {padding: 1px;}
    #map_sidebar {height: 40px !important;}
    #highlight .content-pad .highlight-area {padding: 5px;}
    #highlight .content .highlight-subhead, #highlight .copy-pad .highlight-subhead {
    font-size: 14px;}
    .hentry-pad {padding: 0 0 25px;}

    how about the hentry padding?, it’s got a 25 px bottom padder, ..suspicious.

    Naw didn’t change anything. Bummer.

    This is a plugin, correct? Have you requested assistance via it’s support forum? the author may be your best bet, this isn’t simple css.. at least not for me.

    Colorado has a “p” tag, the others don’t. could be the p tag margin.
    There are no p tags on Colorado on the page which looks right, nor are there p tags on the top item “Alaska”…

    that has to be it

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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