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  • I’m a little new to the world, but am fairly familiar with blogging in general. Now that I have a wordpress website for our vacation rental through as a host, I’m trying to create a non-blog look. I don’t want any theme logos or any mention of wordpress at ALL on the site. Is that simply impossible?

    Please give me step by step instructions on how to remove a theme logo, and also if there is a way to remove the footer “WordPress theme” text that is typically on these themes that would be great. I am not a CSS or html wizard so I really need specific directions. Thank you!!

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  • I guess also what I would like to know is, can you EASILY remove logos, mentions of wordpress anywhere, etc. by PURCHASING the theme? I understand that the theme designers want to advertise their skills on everyone’s blog and website, but they don’t really expect us to keep it there do they??

    It is doable to make it look like a website. I do it for clients all the time. Just recently delivered this: [link moderated] To the client. Now having said that it is doable and going by your own words

    I am not a CSS or html wizard so I really need specific directions

    this is not something that you can do on your own. Your better off finding a developer or buying a premade theme to fit your needs.

    All of what you want IS doable and it’s not hard. You DO need to learn a bit about how WP works. You can have all static pages — so it does not look like a blog.

    Not all themes have logos (most don’t in fact) and you can certainly remove the WP mention anywhere else. Look here for good, quality themes:

    There is a lot of good info here:

    And there are also many tutorials on the web — including YouTube — try google to find them.

    Or, if you don’t want to do the work yourself, as mentioned above, consider hiring someone.

    So I successfully removed the theme logo via FTP (phew!) Apparently I’m not as much of a doofus as I thought. So maybe I can figure out how to remove the “Powered by WordPress” text at the footer if someone wants to explain that one to me….?

    Thank you!!

    i have the same problem

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    @motherofeden if all you did was remove the actual image not the <img> tag, then on some browsers your going to end up with that ugly big image missing x.

    Potentweb, how do you remove the <img> tag??

    You need to find it in your template and delete it. Shooting in the dark since I don’t know what your using.

    I’m using Colorway Lite.

    Do you mean that I need to go into the Editor and find it among the CSS and HTML text?

    Yup, you have to open up the template files and find it.

    Any hints on what exactly I should look for…?

    Have no Idea. You have not posted anything for anyone to look at. No web address, no template. Unless you do, everything is just shooting in the dark.

    the website is

    Here is the template (?) for the Header:

    [code moderated – please read and follow the forum guidelines for posting code]

    Oh, I found it. And it seems to have worked! 🙂

    @johnny Gav huh?

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