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  • I am just now learning how to use WordPress.
    I am following an online tutorial that lead me to use “fresh” theme.

    The fresh theme looks very nice. I like it but there is one problem.
    How can the HOME page be set? When the fresh theme is installed,
    a HOME menu item is automatically created and creating a new page
    also creates a menu item on the NAVBAR.

    So how can the HOME link ever be set properly without created a
    duplicate LINK in the NAVBAR?

    Any clues appreciated. Thank you. Happy holidays. Take care.

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  • WP sets the Home link automatically to the frontpage of your site and your theme shows it in the navigation bar, so delete the page you made yourself and that you named Home.

    Thank you for reply.
    The Home page that I created was deleted.

    Settings: Reading menu is set to Front page displays Your latest posts.
    How can Front page every be set to a page and not a post?

    The goal is to use WordPress as a CMS to build simple website.
    Any clues appreciated. Thank you.

    If you want a stati frontpage you need “the other setting”and some more.
    Read here:

    Thank you for tip.

    The issue here is described accurately at Codex:

    Some themes have top navigation bar containing links to Pages. By default most themes set “Home” as a link to the home page – in this case the static front page. Since you have created a separate page with the title “Home”, there is a likelihood of another link text appearing as “Home”.

    To change it, edit the appropriate template file featuring the code of the navigation bar with the template tag wp_list_pages. Set the parameters to change the link title.

    I am researching template tag wp_list_pages now. Thank you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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