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  • Hi

    I’ve set up a blog using the minamalist theme.

    At the bottom of my site it has “Web Hosting by Hostgator”.

    Please can you tell me how I can remove this.


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  • Open footer.php in Theme Editor and find the code for that and remove it.

    If that doesnt work then give a link to your theme so I can see it.

    Thanks for your advice. Here’s my link:

    I have edited the footer.php and this is what I have left:

    <hr />


    <!– Gorgeous design by Michael Heilemann – –>
    <?php /* “Just what do you think you’re doing Dave?” */ ?>

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    Looks like you installed using fantastico

    I never done this so not sure if you are allowed to remove it but if you go to


    Then do a search for “by HostGator” I’m guessing you will find the code you need to remove.

    Maybe somewhere in here

    function get_footer( $name = null ) {
    	do_action( 'get_footer', $name );
    	$templates = array();
    	if ( isset($name) )
    		$templates[] = "footer-{$name}.php";
    	$templates[] = "footer.php";
    	// Backward compat code will be removed in a future release
    	if ('' == locate_template($templates, true))
    		load_template( WPINC . '/theme-compat/footer.php');

    Yes, I used fantastico.

    I’ve looked everywhere for hostgator when I went into “editor” and then in each “template” but can’t see it. I wonder it would come under something else?

    I’ve never done this before so not really sure what I’m looking for.

    Ok I had a bad guess since I never used Fantasico to install.

    But heres the answer. Go to plugins and disable the Hostgator one.

    I know your kicking yourself now. I would be 🙂

    It looks like when you install wp with fantastico in Hostgator you have automatically hostgator plugin.

    Also see this thread, just deactivate the plugin which is called hosted by

    haha, that’s brilliant, thank you so much for your help!

    Now to get my layout sorted…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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