How to remove Leave a reply/comment from my pages? (2 posts)

  1. PaulHansen
    Posted 4 years ago #

    My website is informational. I want to remove completely the section at the bottom of my pages that says: "leave a reply" the a block for comment.

  2. Sabinou
    Posted 4 years ago #

    For that you will need to update your blog template.

    (Unless you're using a multisite/network,)
    In your admin, go to
    Appearance > Editor > and find page.php (or is it pages.php, I have a sudden doubt)
    From there, search for the "leave a reply" text, and remove or comment out that part of the code, not forgetting to also remove/comment out the following php code calling for the comments php page.

    Just in case : if you're also trying to speak about every page on your blog, not the actual "Pages" as opposed to "Posts", you'll also need to update the single.php page, and maybe update these pages and index.php to remove, if there is one, the comments counter.

    Last "Just in case", I also have a blog in which the "leave a reply" code is in a comments.php called by single.php and page.php, in that case, you should edit this file, comments.php.

    Remember : backup first ! Select all the texts, and save it as new text files on your computer, so that, if you screw up, you can simply restore the previous version with a copy and paste :)

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