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  • I can’t believe how hard this is!

    I’ve read a dozen posts with the same question and I couldn’t figure out to make any of the offered solutions work.

    I am using Theme Twenty Ten 1.3 and I am building a website and not a blog, so I don’t want a reply box at the bottom of every page.

    I don’t have any checked boxes under Settings – Discussion.

    Many of the anwers I have found have recommended changing the php code.

    I would love to try that except I have no idea where to start looking for this code. I feel like I have been on every page of my WordPress site 3 dozen times.

    I just don’t understand why there isn’t a simple checkbox for removing the Leave a Reply box since WordPress is being used for websites as well as blogs now.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I know there must be an answer I can understand somewhere!

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  • Hello synergyark,

    If you wish to remove the comments/replies stuff directly, here’s the steps.

    1) Open your ftp to: /wp-content/themes/twentyten or whatever theme dir your theme may be within.

    2) Then open the loop-page.php, loop-single.php, and loop.php files. Search for the words ‘comments_template’. Comment out those lines by adding // to the front of them.

    3) You can also try uploading a blank comments.php file… be sure to backup the org one first.

    That should do it though.


    It worked!

    For anybody else who needs to benefit from this post, let me tell you a couple of things that are probably obvious to anyone who has any idea about what they are doing.

    Yesterday was my first day with any form of website building at all, and I knew/know next to nothing.

    So the first thing is that if you want to get rid of the “Leave a Reply” box on WordPress, you don’t remove it from the WordPress site. You did it from your ?host? site.

    I am using iPage as my host site.

    I tried going through the FTP page that iPage provides, but when I clicked on that icon I was directed to change my password. I tried that a few times but just got more confused and nowhere.

    Beside the FTP icon on iPage is “File Manager”. Click on this.

    Open WP-Conten
    Open WP-Themes
    Open your theme – in my case it was Twenty Ten
    Then find the loop attachments as noted in the previous forum post.

    You’ll find ‘comments_template’ right near the very bottom of all the text.

    Thanks again to TribalNerd for the advice.

    I went around in circles for about 4 hours yesterday. With TribalNerd’s help, it took me less than 10 minutes.

    I still don’t understand why WordPress doesn’t have a checkbox for “Include Leave A Reply” on this page?

    How hard can that be????

    Okay, so I got rid of the Leave a Reply box, but now I have this:

    Contact Us
    January 2012
    Uncategorized (1)

    Suggest Ideas
    Support Forum
    WordPress Blog
    WordPress Planet
    Log in
    Valid XHTML

    Where did that come from? And how do I get rid of it?

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    Nice, glad that worked for you..

    That list looks like it’s your sidebar?

    That would be under Appearance > Widgets

    If you have not setup any widgets, then the sidebar.php file is displaying that information by default. Add a few widgets to turn off the default display.

    The extra links, are probably coming from: Links > All Links

    Hope that helps….

    Thanks again.

    I added a calendar widget and as you predicted, all that text at the bottom of my page disappeared.

    I’ll get WordPress figured out yet….

    Hi I am also trying to move the search, meta and archives bars on the right side of my pages but still no luck what is and where is the loop page as described above…..sorry new to this…Thanks

    I can’t believe I am actually providing advice on something!

    All that should be required is for you to place a widget of your own in that right bar.

    If you don’t want anything there at all, just go to “widgets”, then choose the “text” option, and then leave the text box blank.

    Update your page and when you go to it, the right side should be blankity, blank, blank!

    Let me know if that works for you.


    I am on the 1.2 version of the same theme and I ran into that last week. I figured out that if I go into the pages from the dashboard, and hover each page it offers QuickEdit as one of the choices for a page. Select that and uncheck the Allow Comments checkbox. I think that may get the result you were looking for.


    Hi Mike/Gerald

    Thanks for your words of wisdom, i will give it a go and fingers crossed.

    Many Thanks


    HI Synergyark

    I am one month behind you – but suffering your same frustration. You instructions are helpful – but have not quite got me to conclusion.

    I have found the FTP files – I opened them in Note Pad and found the text requiring the slashes in front. I can not work out how to save this back! Stuck at last base! i am sure this is b++++++ obvious so would appreciate it if someone could point me to this.

    Wonderful!!! The trick worked for me.

    You are good man

    Ok I have made all the changes to the php file to remove comments, but my exiting posts still have a comment option. If I create a new post it is created with out the ability to leave a comment. What gives? Thanks for the help.

    Never mind the blank comments php file fixed everything!

    I was trying to find this out for the Twenty Eleven theme and came across the solution by accident. You don’t need to amend code, at least not in this theme.

    – Go to the PAGE in question and select edit
    – At top right in edit mode there is a small box called ‘screen options’
    – Checkmark the Discussion box
    – Scroll down to bottom of the page
    – Uncheck both ‘Allow comments’ and ‘Allow trackbacks…’
    – Update the PAGE

    You will need to do this for each individual page.

    To Nell265

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! for the simple steps as highlighted above.

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