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  • I want to merge WordPress and Joomla into one directory using different databases. It’s possible because there is not any same folder/file except index.php! it is because I want to handle WP & Joomla under the same domain.
    It means the domain opens the index.php of Joomla but other pages of WP will be available too:
    DOMAIN/index.php opens index of Joomla
    DOMAIN/index.php/component/users/?view=login opens login page of joomla
    DOMAIN/index.php/wp-login.php opens login page of WP

    I DON”T WANT this form:

    If delete normally the WordPress’s index.php, WP won’t work! How should I delete index.php of wp in a case of WP-working?

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  • Drew Jaynes


    WordPress Core Developer

    You could try running WordPress from a sub-directory with the appearance of running from the domain root.

    If you reference Giving WordPress Its Own Directory, there’s a step for copying your WordPress index.php and .htaccess files to the domain root and modifying the include path … something along the lines of changing require('./wp-blog-header.php'); to require('./your-dir/wp-blog-header.php');.

    You might try pasting the require into Joomla’s index.php file in the domain root. It MIGHT work, though I’m not sure how much Joomla will enjoy the foreign require. Depending on which index.php you actually plan to display, you’ll need to sort of hijack the index from rendering.

    The downside is that technically your login URL WILL fall into your “don’t want” category because of the subdirectory. Frankly, it sounds like a regex nightmare to try and get permalinks working properly, cross-platform.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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