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  • Hi;

    In 3.5 WP, the new media function loads up every darn image I have inserted in a post since I upgraded to WP 3.5. I do about 300 images per day and now adding a new image to a post or my site takes forever because the new media feature wants to upload all the ‘old images’ first.

    I deleted cache, doesn’t do a thing, I removed the stored images from my hard drive, doesn’t do a thing. How can I get rid off all the images I loaded up prior but that WP media still uploads each time I want to add a new image? This is very tedious, very slow and very time consuming.

    Anyone please?

    P.S. I check the ‘image’ option only instead of ‘all media’, same thing, all images still load up, regardless.



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  • I think what you really want is to change the default view of the Insert Media dialog box. It defaults to “all media items,” and what you need is “uploaded to this post.” That would get you around the issue of having so many images.

    There is a post here with a code hack you could put in your child theme’s functions.php and test. I suspect the WordPress Developers will come out with a way to set this or change the default, because you are obviously not the only one with this issue. There is already a request posted to change the default behavior that you might want to weigh in on.

    Hi linux4me2,

    thanks for the response. Changing the setting to ‘uploaded to post’ gets rid off the images but still it takes time to show the select files option coz’ what it’s doing now is searching my article for existing images before displaying the screen to allow me to insert an image.

    Frustrating but I’ll live with it, better than how it was. I will try the hack and see what that does.

    Thanks again.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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