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    fantastic theme! but i’ve got a question:

    i’ve set the front page to display a static page named “me” that i created. and now in the top nav i have a “home” link and a “me” link that are redundant.

    how can i remove the “home” link?

    this is probably a super-newbie question… thanks for your patience.

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  • The theme’s header.php invokes the sandbox_globalnav function and that function has the Home link hardcoded.

    To get rid of that Home link, edit the wp-content/themes/autofocus/functions.php file, and change this:

    echo '<div id="menu"><ul><li class="page_item"><a href="'. get_settings('home') .'/" title="'. get_bloginfo('name') .'" rel="home">Home</a></li>';

    to this:

    echo '<div id="menu"><ul><li class="page_item"></li>';

    Note the line I changed was line 449 with the version I used.

    Love your work…those were great instructions. Cheers for that (and Im a complete newbie!)

    thank you! i really appreciate the help; it worked perfectly.

    hi…..any way of getting rid of the RSS feed link in my pages ?….i’m assuming the code is in the functions.php file but can’t seem to find the specific bit…..any help would be appreciated…..and to add to all the glowing comments on the theme, well done – it really is an outstanding theme

    Do the same as the Home link and remove the Link in the line:
    Version: 0.9.7
    Edit Line: 452

    echo '<li class="page_item"><a href="'. get_bloginfo_rss('rss2_url') .'">RSS</a></li></ul></div>';

    <a href="'. get_bloginfo_rss('rss2_url') .'">RSS</a>

    This was very helpful. I actually used what was the Home Link code to link to my main website that the blog is connected to. Thanks!

    How did you get the Home Link to link back to another website?



    For the Autofocus theme, when you click on my home page images, you get taken to a page with two duplicate images one over the other? How do I fix this?!

    Is there a way to eliminate the date and wordpress notations about commenting, etc.?



    My link got messed up in the previous post….just click on the blue text to be taken to my website. Thanks.



    anyone knw how to make the widgets show up? i just want archives, and links page to show up.


    hi there user of Autofocus theme,

    wanted to create sub-pages and not want to display them at the header, is there away to remove that?


    in Autumn Forest 1.0 theme in functions.php there are two times HOME code:

    [MODERATED] Please use a pastebin when posting large amounts of code.

    would you please advise how exactly to remove HOME from navigation?

    Thanx a lot

    i´m using the new version of autofocus and i´m also interested


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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