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  • My users panel is showing 2 admins: one is me, and the other displays briefly and then disappears. How do I delete this mysterious admin? Does this have to do with the permalinks hack that’s been going around? Thanks!

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  • Yes. That’s only one of the symptoms:

    I’ve been following that thread. I’m not seeing tips on removing the admin. Otherwise I have to admit it’s all too technical for me. I’m working with a friend to upgrade WP asap, too.

    You have to go into phpMyAdmin to fix this. Find users, browse the section, and you will see a list of all your users. go to the back of the list and you will see the latest entries. for me, the hacker used some .ru domains to sign up. I deleted those from the SQL table and the user was no more.

    @roadwolf: Thank you much!

    Yeah, what the hacker did to my site was create that hidden admin name, log in and change the permalinks to redirect to another site. I didn’t bother even looking to see what tags he entered, I just switched it back to my default style without his customized tags. This is of course after i removed him, and at the same time as i removed him, i updated wordpress, deleting all my files except my local photos, theme and config file, and completely reinstalling. The theme looks unaltered. But if anyone else has experienced someone editing their theme, let me know.

    My hackers username was RodrigoFitzgerald85

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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