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    I had installed a template with comes with ready widgets on the left sidebar. The problem with it is that I cannot alter anything on that sidebar in my widget area. I can only alter anything on the right sidebar.

    Now i want to be able to control the left sidebar too (adding or removing some of those fixed widgets), anyone knows whereabouts do i start? my website is, basically i like to remove those widgets such as blogroll and archive from the left.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Michael Torbert


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    Look in wp-content/themes/yourthem and you’ll probably see something that looks like sidebar.php. Open it and find the widgets you want to remove and remove them.

    Thanks hall. What about when i want to add something? Are there anything i can do to make this sidebar appears in my widget area so i can add something to it conveniently instead of going into the php files? Reason for this is because my php knowledge is limited! Thanks once again!

    have you checked in your widget area in the admin to see if the second sidebar is there? In 2.5 it no longer shows both sidebars at once. There’s now a drop down list above the one sidebar it shows, you can select it to show the second sidebar there. Then add widgets as usual.

    hall > I just removed it from the file and transfer the file back into the folder but it doesn’t change a bit of my widget at all i wonder why?

    boober > Normally if there are 2 widgets you can select from the pull down menu and click “show” but on this template when i try to select, it couldnt. It only has 1 option that is widget one. Cant chang nothing at all man.

    I guess all templates with “ready widgets are like that, i’m not sure, just a guess.

    Can anyone who had been there done that give some advice?

    I have a similar problem. Widgets I put in sidebar 3 (right) do not appear on the page. There are fixed widgets which I can remove but then the sidebar is empty.

    Meridian : How do you remove them? I had delete the items from my sidebar.php and it doesn’t disappears! Weird shit!

    I also wish to do this for the right side bar.

    I do not want the Blogroll or the Categories and I can not find where to remove them.

    There’s now a drop down list above the one sidebar it shows, you can select it to show the second sidebar there. Then add widgets as usual.

    It doesn’t help to edit the sidebar.php when you use widgets, but just listen to Boober (see above). Didn’t that help?

    I saw the drop down and added my own, these are automatically in the program and I can’t get them to go. I have my own set of categorized links, but yet it still adds the blogroll and the categories to the right where I do not want them.

    My sidebar.php only changed the left anyway.

    If I remove my manual links then all I am left with is the Blogroll and I lose my categories.

    Mine was found in header.php. Thanks anyway.

    Took awhile but in the New and Improved 2.5.1
    Click Design and select widgets
    Under the current widgets section (right side).
    Click on the “edit” tag of the widget you want
    to remove.
    Then from the drop down.
    Select “remove” this will move the widget back
    into the available wigets section (right side).

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Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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