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  • I want to set logos as featured images for my posts as it is a portfolio, this is fine displayed as a thumbnail but when I view the post WordPress automatically enlarges the image to fit the width of the page. How can I keep the logo as a thumbnail but remove it from the post content entirely? Thanks in advance.

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  • Great timing! I am also looking for a way to keep the full sized image from overwhelming the portfolio pages.


    You need to change how you theme’s single.php file works. Depending on your theme, that file might be named something else like single-portfolio.php.

    In there the featured image is output. Maybe using :

    <?php the_post_thumbnail( $size, $attr ); ?>

    Remove this, or define which size you want it to output:



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    when I view the post WordPress automatically enlarges the image to fit the width of the page

    this depends on the used theme;

    please post more details:

    please start your own topic – you likely have a different theme;
    or post directly in your theme’s forum.

    Perhaps I was unclear, here are further details:
    I am using ‘Overgrowth‘ theme by ‘IrishMiss’ – version 1.0.9

    I want a portfolio of clients with logos as thumbnails.

    This is fine, but if you open a portfolio page the client logo is automatically resized to the width of the page.

    I do not want to disable resizing across the site, but I want to remove the logo from the portfolio page – not the grid of client logos.

    If you can suggest I solution, it would be appreciated.

    Have you tried my suggestion?



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    there is a style in that is causing the image to scale to full width;

    this is what Firefox’ web developer add-on shows:

    /* Line 8 */
      width: 100%;
      height: auto;

    as that file is all in one line, I can’t help with details; consider to contact the developer of your theme for support.

    I have taken a look at the ‘single.php’ and could not find a way to remove the image from post content:

     * Single Template
     * @package MissFramework
     * @subpackage StartUp Theme
    global $irish_framework_params;
    $layout = new miss_page_layout($layout = miss_page_layout(), $location = 'views/single', $type = 'single', $template = get_post_type() );

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    I could not see how I could disable the post from appearing in the post content from this code alone.

    Thanks for your feedback, I was able to edit the ‘packed.css’ to set the image size to its automatic size. However, this is only a temporary solution and I am looking to completely remove it. Can you think of CSS for ‘.image-resize.w’ to disable the image in post content completely? Thanks for all your input!



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    CSS for ‘.image-resize.w’ to disable the image in post content completely?

    try this CSS:

    .portfolio_single .single_content.portfolio .image-resize.w { display: none; }

    not tested for side effects …

    Unfortunately implementing these changes causes the image to be removed from thumbnails as well as the post itself, is there any way that I could simply exclude it from the post but keep it as a thumbnail on the portfolio page?

    I’m sorry – I don’t know this themes build structure. Perhaps it would be wise to ask the theme author for the location of the portfolio single page template.

    I want to set image as featured images for my posts, this is fine displayed but when I want to delete post, post delete but not delete a upload image from upload file. How can solve it? Please solution me…

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