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  • stephenjames716


    hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has been able to remove the exif data that shows up with every photo when you add a gallery to a post?

    any information would be greatly appreciated.


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  • roburdick


    Hi stephenjames716,

    i wanted to do the same thing, an easy way i just found is to set the display to ‘none’ in css instead of ‘block’:

    .attachment-link {

    thanks. would you know how to get rid of all that other info on the left under the big date is?

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    If you use firebug with firefox, you should be able to find the CSS rule, then you can add the the ‘display:none’ line. There is probably a way of deleting some of the php code in the index.php (or whatever template file you might be using, index is the default i believe) Hope that helps.

    thanks, that was a snap.

    I’ve changed ‘block’ to ‘none’ in line 244 in style.css from the exif data is still appearing. Any ideas what i’m doing wrong?


    I just changed block to none and it worked perfectly. used to be pretty simple in 0.9. but no longer

    /* =attachment */
    .exif-data ul {color:#444;}
    .exif-data ul .exif-title {color:#888;}
    .attachment-link {display:none;}

    Thanks …but i solved it eventually by deleting a few lines in image.php

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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