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    Preface: I have in place a plugin to not show my site until completed. Sorry I don’t have an example.

    I’m using the Photolistic theme and tried for hours to find what part places dashed/dotted boxes around links in menu/on page details/on images. When I click on something in my site and go there, then go back to the previous page, whatever I clicked on is surrounded by a box. How can I remove it?

    I presumed it was from a:visited, but no code I’ve tried removes the darn ugly dotted box. 🙁

    Thanks in advance for any assistance to keep my sanity! 🙂

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  • This is from the a:visited style of your theme provided stylesheet(s).

    Without a site link, we cannot be more specific.

    To discover what CSS is output by your theme, use a web inspection tool such as Firebug: , Chrome Inspect Element: or Internet Explorer 9+ F12 Dev. Tools:

    There are others.

    When editing CSS, use a Child Theme
    Custom CSS Plugin, or Theme provided custom CSS option.
    Edits to parent themes are lost on theme update.

    Learn CSS:

    Well now I’ve screwed everything up…. I created the theme child and activated but it’s a blank page. Now I cannot deactivate it… All my work and can’t go back?



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    FTP into your site (or whatever file management application your host provides) & rename your child theme’s folder. That should cause the default theme to activate automatically.

    Thanks so much esmi!!!!!

    I thought by using the @import would bring everything over from the main theme style.css Do I really need to build the child from scratch? I don’t have the time at the moment…. Not to mention I’m clueless on how… 🙁



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    I thought by using the @import would bring everything over from the main theme style.css

    It should do but you may have inadvertently introduced an error in your child theme.

    In my directory, I created a photolistic-child folder. In it I added 2 files: style.css and functions.php While in the photolistic-child style.css file I added what the link told me to: Theme, template, etc. Then I put in @import url(“”); Not sure what I did that caused an error.



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    Have you renamed the child theme’s folder yet?

    Yes back to photolistic-child



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    Was your child theme’s functions.php file completely empty?

    No I added the favicon that I put into the original theme functions.php I removed that but still no joy

    Do you have server caching in use? If so, clear it.

    Geeez that took to long to find out. 🙁 My web host says there’s no server cashing done. I emptied the cache for FF but no joy. Tried Safari, no joy there either. They told me my import url was missing things, I fixed it, but still no joy. Gosh I didn’t think it would be this difficult to set up a child.

    “Then I put in @import url(“”); “
    If you want to include the parent theme’s css, make sure the url is right – normally it would be or a relative url like “../parenttheme/style.css”

    I didn’t think it would be this difficult to set up a child

    It is quite easy if your parent theme supports a Child Theme (not all do, especially Commercial Themes) and the required edits (you need to make this file have the data in it be related to your site, theme and child theme) to the stylesheet are made properly. The required child stylesheet example is at the link provided (make sure you edit wp files in a plain text editor). As for the functions.php file, as a test, rename that to old-functions.php to rule it out as an issue.

    Thanks for the replies! I just got off the phone with my web host. They tried to help me out, but no joy. So perhaps Photolistic cannot have a child theme. 🙁

    webbrewers ~ Indeed, I had it wrong and they even sent me the proper link to copy/paste into my style.css and it still doesn’t work.

    PVWD ~ Rename the parent or child functions.php?

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