• How to remove/disable the this default font of Twenty Twenty from page loading?

    I have done my custom font from Google font, no any need to load this Google font in background.
    Maybe I can transfer my custom Google font to be a self-served font, then disable All Google fonts.
    But I think it as a backup plan, hope there’s a way to stop loading Inter upright var font even need to take the way in PHP.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • need the same…

    Need the same. Inter-upright-var.woff2 is way too slow!!!!! This needs fixed

    I need this as well
    to remove Inter-upright-var.woff2
    it is taking long time to load and lower speed score on google

    Same here!

    If you override the font definition with CSS, and make sure that Inter isn’t applied anywhere, then the browser won’t load the file.

    In my child-theme, I am doing this:

    .entry-content h1, 
    .entry-content h2, 
    .entry-content h3, 
    .entry-content h4, 
    .entry-content h5, 
    .entry-content h6, 
    .entry-content p, 
    .entry-content ol, 
    .entry-content ul, 
    .entry-content dl, 
    .entry-content dt,
    .entry-content cite, 
    .entry-content figcaption, 
    .entry-content .wp-caption-text {
        font-family: 'Chose-Your-Own-Webfont', sans-serif;  
    		color: #444444;

    So if you applied a custom font, and the browser dev tools show that the “Inter” file is still loading, it probably means that your CSS rules aren’t applied everywhere on the page.


    My blog using twenty twenty and i have issue for this font, but now my problem solve using plugin.

    This plugin for customize specially for theme twenty twenty, so you can change inter font to UI system font.

    Please see my article in bahasa, you can translate using google translate to english.

    Thank you

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    @hendrawijaya7 I’ve red your article, it’s comfortable.
    I run AMP standard mode on my site, I had tried many plugins including Twentig and another similar plugin. They all aren’t compatible with AMP standard mode, just like most of plugins…

    @targz-1 The CSS way is cool I didn’t think it out before, but I’m doubt whether the theme font will still be loaded or not in the CSS way. Thanks, I think I will try it and test it.


    My blog also using AMP standard mode, and plugin twentig work fine btw.

    You can check from view source with chrome browser..

    Thx you

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    I’ve found “AMP Compatibility” from the Twentig plugin page although I can’t see when it has been added to the changelog.
    Thanks, I’ll try it soon. Maybe my customized CSS codes could for the Twenty Twenty theme and template details could be saved by using Twentig which was not compatible with AMP this year early.

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