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    hi .. i have this free wordpress theme installed in my 3.5 version.

    [ redacted ]

    but when i installed in my wordpress .. then in the footer it always showing this text

    “Designed by wordpress themes 2013, thanks to:, and Blog templates ” in the bottom of my every page ..

    can someone tell me how to hide or remove this ..

    i tried this but when removed that line then its showing RED LINE to the site saying you can not remove this line .. or something ..

    so can someone give me the proper solution how to do this .. .


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  • Basically you can’t — because those themes are boobytrapped – coded so that you cannot remove that text. Further, those themes are not released under the GPL license — which is in violation of WP policy and philosophy. I’d suggest you find another theme ASAP – preferably from here:

    More sound advice from a yogi…must agree…use default theme and create a Child Theme…review how to not use a plugin to do what WP can do already!

    @wpyogi .. you may be rite ofcourse ..

    but the friend only wants this theme and don’t want to change as we have already developed so many things in this and the site looking very good and responsive also.. so if anything possible to remove this ..

    No, sorry, we don’t have nor want access to spammy non-GPL themes – so no idea how to change that code. Be aware that those kinds of themes won’t be supported here. I’d really suggest you talk to your friend about the hazards of using such a theme.

    @wpyogi .. ok thanks and looking forward..

    This might help you convince your friend:

    @wpyogi omg .. yes .. there are so many issues already using these kind of themes which are not relevant to WordPress standards ..

    thanks for the above link .. i really did not have any idea about these themes can do these things .. thanks for this ..

    I know — and it’s a drag when you find out after you’ve put in a lot of work 🙁 . I’m certainly sympathetic to that – but it seems like you really don’t want to have bigger or worse problems as a result of bad themes, spammy code, etc. Good luck with it.

    @wpyogi .. yes yor rite .. i need to talk to my friend and i dont know but need to develop d site from scratch .. with a new theme which wp recommends. . yes redoing the work but atleast i will be sure that this will not make issues like these .. and will follow the wp standards ..

    thanks for this info..

    thanks for this and need to mark this as resolved .. atleast from understanding .. thanks a lot

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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