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  • Hello,

    I’ve closed by previous query and opened this new one with a more specific question:

    How can I remove Content: Encoded (html formatting) from an RSS 2 feed?

    I believe it’s somewhere on the feed-rss2.php page, but what sort changes to the code do I need to make?

    Also, instead of fooling around with the feed-rss2.php page, is it possible to add a function to the site theme’s functions.php? That would prevent my needing to hack the feed-rss2.php page each time WP is upgraded.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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  • esmi


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    Thanks for the response. However, I’d already been to that page.

    I’m not a “code person.” Unless I missed something on that page, there are no detailed explanations about how to removed Content:Encoded from RSS 2 feeds. (I wish there were a “checkbox” option for that on the WP panel. So much simpler…)

    Anyhow, I appreciate the guidance but I’ve no idea how to come up with a functions.php code that would remove Content: Encoded formatting from the site’s RSS 2 feed. Or what to change/remove from the feed-rss2.php file.

    Could anyone help me? Many thanks.

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