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[Resolved] how to remove comments on homepage?

  • HI,
    i have uncheked the comment option on the post i created
    using your theme, and while the comment box doesnt
    appear on the post itself(only post on my site, no pages yet),
    theres a comment box on the homepage (the root domain,
    like site.com) and i cant get rid of it?

    How do i remove the comment box that appears on the homepage?
    (at the root of the domain)


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  • paulwpxp


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    Here is from the index.php in the latest version of this theme

    if ( comments_open() ) :
    	echo '.';

    It’s pretty much straightforward. So could it be that you didn’t clear browser cache ? Are you using any plugins that might interfere with comments ?

    sorry to be so dumb but…its not straightforward for me.
    Do i find this part of code in the index.php and change
    the “open” for “close” or “closed”?

    thanks : )



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    The code is to show you that there is no way the comment box will appear on the index page (front home listing) of this theme.

    There will be only a text link displaying comment number, when clicked, leads to comment section of its single page. Also, this text link will not be displayed when comment is set to not allowed site-wide or turned off as per post/page setting.

    You can see this behavior live on theme demo page.

    and while the comment box doesn’t appear on the post itself(only post on my site, no pages yet), theres a comment box on the homepage

    Could it be that the front page of your site is set as static front page ? And that page has allowed comment on its own which will override site-wide settings.

    Turning on Comments for a Single Post or Page

    one thing solves one other issue:

    turns out the comment box appeared because i was logged in to my site wp when i was viewing my site. so this one thing is solved.

    The remaining issue is at the bottom of my post(on homepage as well, as my post is the only thing on my site), at the bottom of that post there are the mentions:
    Written by author. . No Comments. Category: comment tomber enceinte.

    Can i remove all those mentions?

    thanks so much!
    i so appreciate it : )



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    turns out the comment box appeared because i was logged in

    That’s strange, the only thing in index.php that will display only if logged-in is the edit_post_link(). Maybe you refered to the comment thing in the admin side, which you will always see it.

    This plugin can remove anything comments including the admin side of thing.

    To not display post footer (meta) in the front home page, install any of the Custom CSS plugin and use this.

    .home .post .meta { display: none; }

    or use this to not display it in archive and search or anything at all.

    .meta { display: none; }

    For anything else that doesn’t relate to the OP, please create a new thread for it.

    thanks a lot!~

    What is the OP?

    I ask cause theres one last thing thats an issue
    (right under my post title it says:
    Home } [the name of my category] } [the name of my post].

    Not sure how to remove it.
    Where should i post this question?

    Im done!
    will be able to build my business then!


    Hi, there should be an option in the customizer to remove the breadcrumbs (The Home } category } post)

    it worked, thanks poena!

    now im all set 🙂

    Theme Author Carolina Nymark


    Marking this topic as resolved

    Please can you assist me to remove comments on my sites, I am being completely hectically spamed and it is not cool… please help urgently and offer guidance as to HOW to get rid of comments totally

    Did you try any of the advice above?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    If you have already tried the above advice and the issue prevails then you do not have the same issue.

    You can create your own thread here: http://wordpress.org/support/theme/kvarken#postform

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