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  • I’m sure this question has been answered before, but I’ve spent two hours searching here and on google without finding it, so I promise I’m not intentionally wasting your time.

    I have 3 different sites on 3 different themes and they are all suffering from this same problem. I have created categories and put them in a menu. When you go to those pages though, the URL has an added /category before my custom named category. So…

    My URL looks like this

    I want a URL like this:

    What do I need to change? I kind of thought it was theme specific, but it’s happening on all my themes.

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  • Let me add a little detail. What I eventually want is to be able to silo the site structure so it looks like

    I realize that if I use a page instead of a category in the menu I can get the URL to be:

    Can I add posts to that page though so that a post will show up as

    If you go to your WordPress sites Settings and choose Permalinks, you can mark the box by “Post name” and save changes. You can try putting a slash in the “Category base” field there, too, but that didn’t work for me.

    There are plugins that can remove “category” from the URL. Currently I am using Yoast WordPressSEO, then you go to Permalinks and choose to “Strip the category base”.

    Thanks for the reply. I eventually found this plugin (
    and it worked out fine. I hadn’t pplayed around with that yoast one before, but it’s pretty slick. I couldn’t get the /category removal function to work on it, but the xml sitemap and in-post SEO is pretty nice.

    Yes, the timing was weird on that recommendation: at this time the Yoast SEO plugin has had an update that’s nerfed the category removal function, but as he is a trusted member of the WordPress community and famed plugin creator, I am sure it will be sorted out soon.

    Good to know. I wasn’t sure if there was a conflict or what with the /category function.

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