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  • I thought it was interesting, in this thread [ ] as soon as a Firefox dissenter spoke the discussion was closed. Personally, I’m tired of all this radical elitism concerning Firefox, or open-source…none of which has proven they are superior to anything.

    So, having said that, how do I remove the Browse Happy button from the bottom of my admin pages? I don’t really feel I need to support this crap. If I wanted advertising on my blog i could have gone with blogger. I’m not looking for a fight, just a simple way to remove this thing. I would like to think that open-source = open-mindedness, but tactics like this make it obvious that developers, more and more, have their own agenda, and that agenda has nothing to do with accessibilty or standards or anything other than their own feelings and opinions.

    This little button is a way of forcing users into thinking that they must switch to one the the three browsers WordPress thinks are “good enough” if they want to be “part of the club.” This whole scenario feels a lot like what these guys are doing over here: [ ] which is very didactic and downright childish.

    Please don’t repond with the usual Firefoxian rhetoric, and tell me how it has changed the world and all that nonsense. I’ve heard it all before. Just tell me how to choose not to support this agenda because, after all, open-source was originally all about having choices.

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  • See if you can remove from the code in footer.php inside your theme.

    If it bothers you so..edit /wp-admin/admin-functions.php, go to like 1644 and remove the “add_action(‘admin_footer’, ‘browse_happy’);”


    i know this is an old thread but hey, this sort of bothered me too. im not an avid IE user by any means, but the majority of the world is. i guess i never really logged into my admin panel with IE and noticed it, i thought it was something they added with 2.1, but needless to say, i removed it asap.

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