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[Resolved] How to remove borders on some pics

  • I would like to remove the border which is around an image on one of my pages. Do I apply an inline style or css? Could you please help with detailed code as I have no idea how to remove the border. I am trying to put the image on the left with the text relating to it on the right and want the image to blend with the background. Should the image be in one div and the text in another so that subsequent headings don’t line up with the image above?
    Thank you.


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    Sorry for late reply… took most of today off 🙂

    Anyway, removing the borders can be done in a couple ways but the best is to use what is called inline styles. If you open your article in the editor and switch to the Text tab, you would add this to your <img> tag after the class part:

    <img class=”some classes here” style=”border:none; background:none;” src=”your-image.jpg” />

    I’m not quite sure what you are wanting to do with your second question?

    Thank you that was what I was after. Re the second part of my question, I have a number of headings and I may wish to align images with text relating to each them. e.g.

    Image Text

    Image Text

    When there’s not enough text to fill the void to the right of the image (which is left aligned), heading no2 ends up next to the image under the paragraph text of the first heading. How can I get heading No2 to start under the image of the first image/heading (left aligned), especially if I want to insert another image which relates to the paragraph text under heading no2? With a responsive design the text will flow differently.

    I’m sorry if that’s as clear as mud!

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    I understand now..thanks. Basically text will flow around images and other media. The only way to prevent that is to put each image with its corresponding text and heading into individual divs. Then just add some inline styles to the div container if you need margins, paddings, etc. Then you will have rows, each with the image and text.

    Was this what you were wanting to do?

    Yes, thank you. Just needed confirmation. BTW don’t worry about the late response, I’m 18.5hrs ahead so our time zones don’t correlate at all LOL.

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