[resolved] how to remove '/blog/' in permalinks for multisite? (3 posts)

  1. ronny1969
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    Very nice, this opportunity to ask questions!

    For some time now, I run the website http://www.go2led.nl
    with the WordPress software.
    And I am very happy with it!
    At the moment I have only a dutch version running.

    We want also an english and german version
    => http://www.go2led.nl/en (english)
    => http://www.go2led.nl/de (german)
    With the multi site option it is pretty easy to install
    these 2 extra versions!

    But now I have a problem with the permalinks.
    For the dutch version (not multisite)
    I use the permalinks: http://www.go2led.nl/%postname%/
    and it works very nice.
    On twitter we have more than 100 links to these posts.

    When I install the multisite version
    I want to use the same permalink sturcture
    => http://www.go2led.nl/%postname%/
    because we have a lot of twitter links to these posts.
    But now I see that the only possibility is
    => than our links from twitter to our old posts don't work anymore
    because our old posts have the
    http://www.go2led.nl/$postname%/ and NOT http://www.go2led.nl/blog/%postname%/

    How can I remove the /blog/ part in the permalink?

    I would be very happy if I get an answer of how to to this.
    Already many thanks!

    Best regards,
    Ronny Klein Kiskamp

  2. Go to Network Admin > Sites > Edit.

    Edit the main site

    Scroll down to "Permalink Structure" and remove the "/blog" part.

    HOWEVER. If you ever reset permalinks on your main site, the /blog will return.

  3. ronny1969
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks a lot!

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