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    I have been scouring the forums for help and have managed to get my header image in place, but I can’t get rid of the Kubrick default theme blue box:

    This is a blog that I have migrated over to my website’s account from The way is is supposed to look is like this:

    Some of the documents that the support forum notes say to alter, such as themes.php – where are they located? I can access the styles.css through the “editor” option on the dashboard, but all other documents reside on the server and must be downloaded and then reuploaded, I guess? Can I edit these in Textedit? I am not a programmer, just alittle html, so have spent a day and half on this problem without resolution. My website host,, says all this is a product and they can’t help me.

    On the interface, it was simple to replace the Kubrick header with an image. On the interface, that option is missing. On the “custom header” option in the dashboard, all you can do is change the color. Doing anything to the color of the header, though, puts it on top of my image, blocking it out (I tried making the header gray in order to blend with the background).

    Help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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  • Thanks! Found header.php … but editing it as suggested in the article above also removed the other theme design elements which I wanted to keep. If you compare the two otherwise identical blogs, you can see the one difference – that annoying 3-sided blue border, behind my title graphic, which I can’t seem to remove.

    original blog:

    don’t touch that. its a theme file you need not a core file…

    you should be able to access many files from the right side menu within the theme editor…. same place you see your style.css

    in your file folders it would be

    Thanks, found those now… Still don’t have solution to ridding theme only of that one blue header background. It is especially frustrating deep into day 2 of this task that all it required to do that on the interface was one click in the “custom header” option!

    The article you referenced said “your headerimg bg color should be “none” so that it’s transparent and allows your header to be seen.”

    However, I cannot find any code that is labeled bgcolor or bg color for the headerimg
    in the header-img.php.

    in your style.css

    #header {
    	background: #73a0c5 url('images/satprepny_logo12.png') no-repeat bottom center;

    doesn’t that #73a0c5 control the blue box? just remove that part

    #header {
    	background: url('images/satprepny_logo12.png') no-repeat bottom center;

    Strange. I tried that earlier today but it just made my header image disappear (or be covered). Trying it now (after I have fiddled with a few lines of code here and there) it does exactly nothing.

    Try replacing the #73a0c5 with the word “transparent”?

    #header {
    	background: transparent url('images/satprepny_logo12.png') no-repeat bottom center;

    no change 🙁

    I tried to get into the style sheet for the blog to see if I could copy that, but it was far beyond my capabilities. Since that code refers to objects and docs that are hosted by, not located on my website’s server, it is all the more difficult to figure out what is relevant.

    Thanks RVoodoo and Sarah for your encouraging help! I finally found the answer deeper in the style.css sheet – another reference to #headerimg (I had been looking before in the header-img.php) and I substituted “transparent” for the color #73a0c5 that was there before. Page finally looks right:

    Great! Glad you got it to work. I hate it when there’s more than one place that’s affecting the style of something. Frustrates us all sometimes.

    Thnx !

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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