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  1. alexfriesen
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello People,

    how can I remove whats called ANKLE in the theme i am using????
    Im not sure if ANKLE is used universaly for this kind of feature... so if you dont know what it is, ive provided an image of my ANKLE :)

    the image is here

    Ive tried to erase the code in the layout css - but it left alot of stupid warning massages on the website. what else do i have to change so WP stops looking for it.


  2. Footer... that looks like a footer or sidebar...

    What's the theme you are using and where did you download it from (the link)?

    Some themes put the sidebar in the footer.php and then obfuscate that file making it difficult to remove/edit that portion.

  3. alexfriesen
    Posted 7 years ago #

    well the code refers to it as ankle. There is a footer beneeth it and theres also a side bar above it.

    the theme is Matatag from this page:

    please help me get rif od the ankle. I dont know what to use it for. I never got why people like such a feature...

  4. GAH. It's one of those themes. The footer.php is obfuscated.

    Rather than go through and decrypt the footer.php file, try this: Backup your files, and edit wp-contents/themes/matatag/ankle.php.

    Delete all the contents and save the file as an empty file and then visit your blog.

    Did the ankle go away?

  5. alexfriesen
    Posted 7 years ago #

    THAT DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx!!!!

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