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  • Hi Guys,

    I tried searching but I cannot find the answer, so I hope I can get some help here.

    I have started a website, and I was experimenting with the “Recent Activity” widget for my facebook pages.

    However, I have a little issue now, there is a post called “testssss” (that i created for testing likes and shares), but even after removing the page from wp, it still shows up in the “Recent Activity” box.

    How do I stop it from showing up?

    You can take a look at my website

    the box is towards the bottom right. sometimes the “test” feed appears, sometimes it doesn’t.

    And it is linking to a “Page Not Found” page, because i’ve removed it from wp.

    Thanks in Advanced for the help

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  • any help please?

    I know “linter tools” refreshes the page’s embedded images and descriptions, but it doesnt refresh pages that are removed.

    is there something that refreshes / resets these “Like” cache?

    Hi again, I guess there is no known way to prevent these removed test pages from showing up on the Faceboook social plugins for Activity Feeds / Recommended Readings.

    Should I just leave them as it is, or just create dummy pages with the old post title and re-direct them to my Home Page?

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