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  • hello, I am using the theme panoramica:
    this theme add all the pages I create to the menu automatically.
    I haven’t create a navigation menu, the theme has one by default.
    I want to remove one page from the menu. I want to use it as a page that you can visit through a url.
    how can I do that?

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  • Have you checked their support? Your going to have a hard time getting that answered here since it would require knowing the theme along with the code.

    yes I checked the support and there is nothing. Also I contact them and I haven’t got a response.

    That’s unfortunate. It is a premium theme so they should suport it and if there is no response you can always hire someone from wordpress jobs.

    Have you looked under the Appearance Menu screen – in most themes you can control what appears in the menu there – see:

    It’s not premium. I got it for free…
    what do u mean I could hire? just for this?

    My fault, I thought it was a premium theme. So could you create a menu in the admin section? Usually you can control them that way.

    WPyogi I did, The menus that I create doesn’t show up anywhere, and the default menu of the theme doesn’t change.
    I could use the widget menu but that wont help me because the default menu will still have all the pages that I have created! :/

    graphical_force no, even if i create a menu, it won’t show up. and there is no option to change the default one.

    There isn’t a pull down under “Theme Locations” for primary navigation in the menu screen?

    no….. 🙁

    Then graphical_force really is correct – as these forums only support themes from the repository on this site – so you’ll have to persist with the developer or find another theme. (BTW, I did look at the theme documentation and tried to download it – but it’s behind a “email” wall and I don’t consider that free 🙁 ) I’d really suggest you just find a theme from all the really nice ones on this site. They’re all tested to meet WP standards and you get free support here :).

    thx for your help both of you, the menu thing is a real problem for me but I will try to see what I can because this theme is exactly how I wanted.
    btw… what do u mean with the email wall? I enter my email and I got a mail with url link to download the theme… isn’t that free? am I going to have problems with copyrights or something?

    I don’t know about the licensing of the theme – you’ll have to look at the documentation or info.

    But what I meant is that it’s not free if I have to give them my email – we all know why companies do that and I don’t want a bunch of junk email :/ — that’s just MHO!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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