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  • I’m not sure the version I am using but recently while trying to upgrade to 3.2 something happened that made my blog’s landing page the phpMyAdmin login page. In Dashboard if I click view my blog I get the phpMyAdmin login page. I was told I need to reinstall WordPress on my server.
    I have no idea how to do this -I am just a blog writer not computer/software techie.
    Could anyone give me step by step instructions on how to do this or let me know where I can find these?
    A million thanks!!

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  • You could try following Steps 7 and 8 of Upgrading WordPress Extended.

    Make sure you have a database backup before beginning.

    Thanks Michael! I am stupid at this so please forgive my ignorance: how do I backup the database and should I backup all databases (i.e. PHP, SQL, etc.)?

    The database is MySQL. PHP is the language that WordPress is written in.

    You might consider using phpMyAdmin to backup your database. See WordPress Backups.

    Thank you very much Michael! I will follow those instructions to a T.

    Hello again Michael,

    I followed the backup process instructions, everything went fine. Then I started upgrade process and I downloaded the upgrade to my computer as a zip file. Then I went to my phpMyAdmin page and from there I clicked Import, Choose File: wordpress, Character set of the file: utf8, and checked Partial Import and SQL. When I click go I get the following message: Error in ZIP archive: Compressed size is not equal with the value in header information.
    And then I am lost. This is probably too much to take on for me since I know nothing about programming and I am flying blind. Is there someone who could actually go into my blog’s root directory and fix it? Jackie

    It looks like you are on Yahoo hosting and they don’t support MySQL 5 if I remember correctly. You’ll either have to restore and use 3.1.4 or move to new hosting.

    Indeed, Yahoo is the host and they have told me they will be upgrading MySQL “soon.” I looked for WordPress 3.1.4 to download and reinstall it but I can’t find it, only the new 3.2
    How can I restore it?

    Click on Download tab at top of this page, then click on Release Archive.

    Just restore the 3.1.4 files and don’t worry about the database.

    Sorry to keep bugging you but I uploaded wp 3.1.4 under and nothing happened. Should I delete the old 3.1.4 files and move the new files up one level to

    Michael did you send me a file of my blog?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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