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  • That absolutely doesn’t make sense.
    If a file is missing: upload it.
    “Reinstalling” never solves anything. If you meant uploading the files – then say so.

    ?????? I something is missing just upload that file. There is no need to blow a paper cut off as a blown off leg.

    The thing is that I HAVE uploaded the missing files, and there is OBVIOUSLY something in my files that is carrying a virus….but there are tons of files, so theres no way to pin point which one carrys the virus…so can someone answer my question is theres a way to preserve my posts and comments if i reinstall wordpress?


    You have 2 alternatives:

    1) You can back your SQL data file through phpMyAdmin

    2) You can export the posts/comments from your admin (since you can’t even login, this would not even be an option)

    She’s asking because she went out of town for a while and when she came back, she couldn’t access her login page to get to her WP-admin page. I don’t know what the error messsage was that she was getting.
    Currently, we’re just trying to figure out a way to delete her entire wordpress file on her FTP, but still saving her posts/layout/comments. is this possible without being able to log into her dashboard? is there a certain file she needs to take from her current wordpress that she can exchange with the new one she installs?
    please, help us out and if you need any other information to help figure it out, let us know!

    What is the error message? You have to be specific.

    If she has access to phyMyAdmin, she can also change her password from there and relogin to the dashboard.

    When I go to my login page, I have to enter


    where ‘’ is my domain, dir is my blog directory (unless you install it on the root, then no ‘dir’) and then use wp-login.php

    In the screenshot, the address didn’t end with ‘.php‘ (no quotes, of course)

    Maybe try that?

    :/ nope…..

    To answer your initial question, I don’t know how to preserve all the posts other then exporting the data.

    The undefined function it refers to was added in 2.6. What version was installed when you last used it? If you were using an older version and replaced files from a newer version, then the function isn’t defined and cannot run.

    Regarding the new SSL features, this page might interest you:

    SSL and Cookies in WordPress 2.6

    Other then that, I’m fairly new to WordPress, so that’s all I can help with.
    Good luck!

    Dude… It’s, not /wp-login/ :))

    [sig moderated]

    Dude… It’s, not /wp-login/ :))


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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