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    I’ve made a wp-site which is already online. I am not the admin of the server (means, there is another person involved who “operates” the server). When having made the site, I have not precisely finished it offline and then put it online, but actually I loaded an in-process-version online and finished it there. This is why now I would like to take a copy of the online site and install it again onto my local server (in case, anything has to be fixed/changed and I would need some experiments to do that). So I have downloaded all files via FTP, changed config.php, imported the mysql and put the site into “Htdocs”-folder. But every time I try to access this copy via MAMP, it tries to connect to its domain online. I’ve searched the mysql and replaced in all places where I could find the domain with “localhost” but it still does that. In result, I was not able to reinstall the site locally. What could I do, which could be the problem? Thanks for your help!

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  • So this is what I would do.

    1. Disable all plugins and change the theme back to a default theme in to try and see where the problem lies.

    If you do this and you still get redirected to the live site then that would suggest that there is still a problem in the MySQL database, or there could be a problem with your .htaccess file(unlikely but possible).

    2. If this does fix the issue (temporarily) then first enable your custom theme to see if the issue comes back, and if not then re-enable your plugins one by one to see if the issue comes back.

    Hopefully these steps will allow you to locate your problem and fix it.

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    OK, thanks – I’ll try this!

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