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  • Hello,

    I am setting up a multi site/blog website, each in its own subfolder. Each blog (i.e. site) represents a different organization.

    Each organization has a sign up password, which users need to be able to register for a blog. I have successfully add_action(‘signup_extra_fields’ etc. to control the sign up process.

    However, the normal Register links from a site (“demo”) point to the home site, eg. /wp/wp-signup.php instead of /wp/demo/wp-signup.php.

    So I do not know which site they came from. Attempts to go to /wp/demo/wp-signup.php just get redirected to /wp/wp-signup.php.

    I was thinking of hacking to add ?sitefrom=demo to the url (via some hook?) But there should be a better way.

    I am currently trying to find the code thta does the url translation to redirect the /wp/demo/wp-signup.php.

    (It is also annoying that the string “demo” that is the real identifier for the site is not accessible in the API. One either needs to use the Name which can be changed, or the url, which requires messy and britle url parsing. I am writing my own functions to do the latter.)

    Any ideas much appreciated.


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