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  • I can’t seem to find any information on how to set up a registation form for an event or indeed how to even register for a listed event.

    I set up the system as suggested and so people can book rooms, (great system BTW – and good looking out of the box too!) but how do they invite people to book to go to their event?

    Are there parameters for the [meetingrooms] shortcode to list a specific event?
    How do we set up a registration form for an event and how do we get to the form to register.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • The page you are showing is the meeting rooms reservation page.

    For events, there is (for now) a second plugin for displaying the event calendar. You create events inside your Admin Dashboard under Book a Room’s event admin, and then use the shortcode from the event calendar plugin to show them.

    When I originally created this, we were running the calendar and meeting rooms on separate subdomains, thus we needed separate plugins. I am overhauling the entire plugin as we speak, and I’ll be integrating both plugins (finally!).

    Check the event calendar plugin and try creating an event in the Admin Dashboard under Create/Manage Events and let me know how that works!

    Thanks for your quick reply

    Yes, that’s the only page I have seen how to set up.

    I also have an events calendar page ([showCalendar] ) which I assume responds to selecting a room (I assume that’s how the booking calendar is generated), but I have left the event calendar URL field in meeting room settings/settings blank as the form says to do so when it’s on the same site.

    I opened the events plugin to find the shortcode and it says

    IMPORTANT!! I’ve added a new page requirement. Please create a new page on your site and add the shortcode [showReg] to it.
    In the settings, please add the URL to this new page.

    Which settings? There are no URL fields in the events settings, so are these the ones in meeting room settings/settings?
    like this:

    and is the URL to go in the reservations page field?

    I currently have the main room booking form url there. That’s what comes up for booking rooms and functions fine.

    It then says

    Use a shortcode to display a list of upcoming events with:
    [showEvents start_offset=”0? end_offset=”7? num_offset=”15?]
    Start offset is how many days to start from today. Default is 0.
    End offset if how many days to show after the start offset. Default is 7.
    Num Offset is the number of items to display. Default is 0 (all).


    This shows the full calendar.

    But showreg shows a registration listing request form ( and I don’t see how to get [showevents] to display a specific event so people can be sent to a url and book a seat at it.

    I set up showevents like this ( which resulted in

    If I try putting in the showevents shortcode as text The page won’t save (

    any ideas?

    So sorry that you walked into this project right in the middle of my overhaul! I have to rewrite all the instructions! I’ve included some examples from our own live site.

    So, there is an ‘Events Settings’ that is under the settings menu. In the overhaul, ALL settings appear under this menu, and are on one tabbed page.

    The showReg Registration page will allow users to enter their email. This will send a list of all their current and previous registrations (or a message stating they have none).

    The showClaendar shortcode is the whole event calendar and lists events that people can click on to register.

    The showevents is a way to list a portion of upcoming events, and can be restricted to categories, so you can list just certain events.
    Adult only:
    Computer classes only:

    Also, definitely put the same link in the URL for event calendar spot and see if that helps.

    I’m not sure why that page failed, but it looks like you’re mixing Word open and close quotes instead of using the web safe ” double-quote “.

    There was a lot to process so let me know if this helps and what is still causing issues.

    Also, I’ll be looking for testers for the overhaul very soon. Let me know (we also have a Facebook page where I update my progress and you can message) if you’d like to try it when it’s ready to test!

    Wow! Those examples look great!
    Thanks again, that has given me some places to look

    My Events Settings menu doesn’t appear to have any general settings ( Should there be something there?

    Some questions:
    What are the flags to use in the shortcodes to filter the output?
    You gave three examples of filtered output and I have filtered successfully using category= and age=
    but what other flags will it respond to and what is the syntax?
    eg in the showreg instructions you show start_offset=’0′ end_offset=’7′ num_offset=’15’ I’m guessing that refers to event fields start and end but are there various forms – like start_offset, start_date etc?
    num_offset is a bit out of left field without a list of parameters to refer to for instance. so what other fields can be specified and what is the shorcode form (e.g. age group = age) can you set an actual start date? (start=..)
    can you add multiples of the same parameters to get a range of results ([showevents category=computer category=programming])

    showreg failure
    I had just copied from the shortcode example, not considering type of quotes. and it had displayed incorrectly in the post (inserting question marks – no edit facility)
    I changed the doubles to single quotes and now it works.

    Happy to be part of a test group

    You mentioned facebook (also in your product info listing), but I have not seen your facebook address anywhere – is it the library or your own?

    BTW, your caleventlistwrapper floats right, so a short description ends up kicking the whole wrapper in from the left
    I have changed it to:

    #calEventWrapper .calEventListWrapper {
    	display: table-cell;
    	float: left;
    	width: 78%;

    Will that have any unintended consequences?

    Thanks again
    Your site looks great BTW and whew, what a wide range of events.
    I’ve just joined the Featherston Community Centre and offered to look at their website. Needs a bit of a makeover but I think your system will add a bit of professionalism to the facility booking area for a start.

    Oops, sorry! I mean that it’s all going under the WordPress main Settings!

    The event calendar is also part of the overhaul and will be using the W3C.CSS framework including themes to make it look nice and ease development.

    Here’s a more detailed explaination of the shortcodes if it helps!


    • start_offset – The offset in days to start. A val of 1 means start with tomorrow.
    • end_offset – The offset in days till the end. A val of 7 means only show up to a week.
    • num_offset – How many items to show. A val of 15 shows only up to 15 events (ordered by start time)
    • basepage – Override the default link for viewing this event. (This will be changing soon!)
    • age – Comma separated list of ages to filter by.
    • category – Comma separated list of categories to filter by.


    • Shows the main calendar.


    • Shows the email form to view your registrations.

    That pasted weird, let me try again.


    • start_offset – The offset in days to start. A val of 1 means start with tomorrow.
    • end_offset – The offset in days till the end. A val of 7 means only show up to a week.
    • num_offset – How many items to show. A val of 15 shows only up to 15 events (ordered by start time)
    • basepage – Override the default link for viewing this event. (This will be changing soon!)
    • age – Comma separated list of ages to filter by.
    • category – Comma separated list of categories to filter by.


    • Shows the main calendar.


    • Shows the email form to view your registrations.

    I forgot to link to our Facebook page, too:

    Thanks. I think that should get me on the right track!

    Starting to look good – How can I set it up so 2 groups can book the same space?
    I have a large room and 2 groups doing compatible stuff (mah jong and cards) want to operate at the same time. They have different contact people and members/attendees and just set up in opposite corners of the room.

    Currently there’s only the one contact information section, but there is a notes field where more information can be added.

    Thank you. I may not have been clear enough. The problem is that when i try to create the two separate events which are happening in the same space(container), i get a list of conflicts relating to the room used that have to be resolved and i am unable to register the second event.
    I have tried creating 2 containers to manage half the room each but that did not fool the system.
    Is there a way to set it up that will allow multiple tenants at the same time?

    No, each physical space can only have one event or meeting at a time.

    Are you talking about a space that can be partitioned off into two?

    You can make two physical “Rooms”, and then three “Room Containers”:

    Room A & Room B are the physical Rooms.

    Room A is a Room Container containing Room A

    Room B is a Room Container containing Room B

    Room A & B is a Room Container containing Rooms A & B

    The Rooms you set up are physical spaces. The Room Containers contain one or more rooms. That way, if someone reserves or there is an event in Room Container A & B, the system knows that both Room A and Room B and any Room Containers that use them, are already being used.

    Perfect – Thanks!
    One more thing, the shortcode [showCalendar] has stopped working.
    Nothing showing in the devtools inspector.
    I had set up a page with the shortcode before, and it worked, but now it just generates an error (
    all that has changed is that I have added about 11 more events spread over the week, each one repeating either weekly or monthly on specified dates.

    Where could I start looking to see why this has stopped?

    Make sure the Event Calendar plugin is installed and active.

    Let me know if that is the case!

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