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  • Hey,

    Locate the following code in your .ccs file
    #sidebar .block
    margin 13px 0 52px

    You will want to reduce the 52px.

    Hope this helps

    I’ll give it a go now, thanks

    spot on!! Thanks very much 😀

    No worries

    I have one more question, if you go on my site i have managed to reduce the space and have deleted the titles. But i still have a gap at the top of the sidebar. Do you have any idea how i can get rid of that?

    it looks like there’s a blank widget there. On checking the code you have some loose bits that are un-needed.
    There is a part – <h2></h2> that you can get rid off. This should solve your problem

    Thanks for looking for me but i have no idea what i’m looking for to delete lol.

    Can you try and point out where the <h2></h2> is i can get rid of?


    EDIT: just used firebug and i can see what you mean by blank widget and the <h2> </h2> but as mentioned i’m not sure where to find it to delte it

    It’s not in stylesheet is it?

    When you page is open if you right click on the area and view code you will see it. As the where it is on the wordpress code it would be wherever the code for the sidebar is. So either in the css file in the location that rikardo85 mentioned above or in the sidebar.php file.

    I cant find it anywhere, its driving me crazy!



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    Try using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this kind of CSS work.

    I have used it, i used firebug to find the problem. I just dont know where to edit it now that i have found it.



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    You need to edit that entry in your theme’s stylesheet.

    Thats the problem, its not there! Very strange.



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    its not there

    if something is not in style.css, simply add it new.

    Using Firebug should have shown you that the space is an empty title of the search widget

    – check if the title of that widget is really empty – not just a space character or so;

    or add:
    .widget_search h2 { display: none; }
    to style.css

    keep practicing with Firebug …

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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