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  • I have some images that are loading 12-1600ms How to reduce them?
    I know one way is specify images which im having a problem with because it seem that im setting them up incorrectly.

    What other ways to reduce image loading time?

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    You haven’t posted a link to your WordPress installation, and this is not a web server forum, but consider optimizing your web server as well using lower quality images.

    Optimize Apache for WordPress

    Try using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache with Cloud Flare (or any CDN you like).

    Increased the speed of images loading on my main site significantly, have a look at it here [ link removed ]

    Do you have the image on your site or is it located on another site and you are just linking to it? On your site will load it quicker. Also reduce the image file size as much as you can since small file size – quicker load time. You can reduce the size by simply changing the file type (jpg, png, gif, etc.) OR reducing the number of colors.

    The file type and number of colors can be changed in most image editing programs.

    Thanks for the reply

    Ok, here’s where Im at.

    I have reduce the file size far as mb to kb using photoshop.
    I put them as jpeg.
    images are on my site but im using cdn to load them as well
    Im using w3 total cache.
    I think the biggest problem is that specify images. i cant get it right from some reason. I understand what to do but i cant seem to get the server to recognize it.
    Im using firebug and when i use the blue block it show me what the class is and im using it and putting the dimensions under it but im not seeing the improvement in my yslow or pagespeed scores.

    One thing i dont know how to use is css sprite.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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