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    There is always an Embedded browser in a APP, but the problem is there are always different cache issue or compatibility issue with different embedded browser, and I just want to redirect access from an specific embedded browser to a custom url or website.

    I checked this plugin,, unfortunately, I can not make it work.

    is it possible to achieve my purpose?


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    Short answer: There is no way to achieve the purpose using this plugin.

    Long answer: Yes, you can achieve the purpose using one of the alternatives…

    1. If you have only one redirect… this can be achieved easily using a simple redirect in the server. All major web servers allow us to redirect based on the user-agent string in the request header. For example, in Nginx, you can insert an additional line like the following…

    if ( $http_user_agent = "My Embedded Browser" ) { return /new-url/; }

    You may know more about return statement in Nginx at .

    2. If you have multiple redirects (like more than 100)… this can be achieved using a combination of server-side tweaks and a WP plugin to redirect based on the user-agent. Most web servers serve cached content for most requests without hitting PHP / WP. So, the first step is to let the web server to skip the cache and pass the request to PHP/WP. For example, in Nginx, you can achieve this with a bit of a hack used in the following code…

    location / {
      error_page 418 = @cachemiss;
      if ( $http_user_agent = "My Embedded Browser" ) { return 418; }
      # other directives to process requests from other user-agents.
    location @cachemiss {
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_args$args;

    You can see a real-time example of how this technique is used for WP Super Cache plugin at .

    Once, you instructed the web server to skip the cache for your specific user-agent, the next step is to let WP to handle all the redirects. This is bit easy to achieve using an existing plugin such as or using your own custom plugin.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks for your so professional explanations.

    Actually, I test the plugin of Redirection today, and it does not work well, please check at:

    and THERE IS URL AND USER AGENT REDIRECT, please check this screenshot:

    unfortunately, it does not work well for me.

    we are using easy engine with redis, and it need special setting for skipping cache, here is example:

    For now, I am still confused how I should start, since there is a module of Nginx in the plugin of Redirection:

    But I am quite confused with that Nginx module, would you please have a check of that Nginx Module, and let me know your further suggestion please?

    Great thanks.

    Plugin Author Pothi Kalimuthu



    You may probably post the query on redirection plugin support to get better support. I have no idea on how everything works together in that plugin. I only happened to see its description and recommended it to you (after having seen it in multiple sites).


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