How to redirect domain from one server to main multisite domain using .htaccess? (6 posts)

  1. jurzyna
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am redirecting domain from one server to my main WordPress Multisite website using 301 domain redirection. Domain is being redirected and at the end it shows my main WordPress multisite domain. What I need is to tell wordpress to display one of my Sites inside wordpress and show the redirected url. I am using WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin to map domain but it does not work. WordPress does not redirect domain to the right site. How can I do this?

    http://www.site1.com to http://www.site1.com

    Please Help I am stock

  2. site1.com and site1.com are the same...

    Are you trying to redirect site1.com/site2 to site2.com perhaps?

  3. jurzyna
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Maybe I will try to explain more clearly.

    I have a hosting account where I can manage my domains. My main domain address is: http://www.coolmedia.pl and it is pointing to coolmedia.pl catalouge on the server where the multisite is installed, when I add new domains, new catalogue is created and unfortunately I can not point new domains to other catalouge. Therefore I would like to make this redirect through httaccess file. For example I would like to add a new domain: newdomain.com and point that domain to my coolmedia.pl where the multisite is managed from, but I still want to use the same domain name: newdomain.com for my new site.

  4. That ... doesn't make sense.

    http://www.coolmedia.pl pointing to coolmedia.pl ...

    I think I don't understand what you mean with "catalogue." Do you mean a blog?

  5. jurzyna
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Sorry for my bad English. What I meant was folder on a server. Here is a screenshot:

    Multisite is installed under coolmedia.pl a folder and I would like to redirect newdomain.com folder

  6. Okay, the word is 'folder' not catalogue, just so you know :)

    http://www.coolmedia.pl is set up correctly. Can you make a new site on your network? Like http://www.coolmedia.pl/sitename ? Does that work first?

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