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    Here’s my dilemma…

    I hope someone can help me with this one. I recently installed/activated the WP-DBManager plugin for the first time. This plugin was suppose to let me backup/manage/optimize/repair my database, and so on.

    As instructed, I moved the htaccess.txt file from the wp-content/plugins/wp-dbmanager folder to the wp-content/backup-db folder and renamed it .htaccess.

    Next, I ran the “Optimize DB” that was suppose to optimize my database. There was an issue with the MYSQL not being available so I ran the “Optimize DB” again but this time from a different browser (Safari). The first time I ran it was from the Mozilla Firefox browser.

    As a result, my all my posts, pages and menu are now gone. When I try to visit my individual pages such as, I get a “404: Not Found.”

    I also installed/activated another plugin called “W3 Total Cache” but this issue didn’t occurred until I was messing with the WP-DBManager plugin.

    I deactivated both plugins and still no posts and pages. Then I found out later that there is no support for the WP-DBManager but only a forum the owner left to get help from other users — so I left post there also.

    Next, I contacted my hosting company (Hostgator) to see if they could restore my posts and pages back to me. After telling them which database I was having an issue, they told me everything looked fine on their end and even visited my site at

    They saw exactly what I was experiencing and told me that I should restore my template and get back to the owner of the plugin. Instead, I activated the WordPress default template and still no posts or pages.

    I managed to backup the database that have my posts and pages to the Notepad but don’t know how or if I should try to restore the files on my end.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    p.s. I also reinstalled WordPress 3.1. My site is large so the last thing I want to do is start all over.

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    I went to my hosting service at Hostgator and clicked MyPhpMyAdmin. Some of my database files said “in use,” one of them being “wp-posts.” Also, there were at least two files with errors. I repaired all of them and BINGO! All of my posts and pages are back. Now, I’m a happy camper :0)!

    Thanks a lot pbsbluejay 🙂 I had the same problem happen after I optimized my website using WP-DBManager. All of my post and pages just disappeared.

    I did what you said and went to phpmyadmin and repaired my wp_posts and everything came back.

    Thanks for posting what you did to fix the problem, it really helped me out and saved me a lot of time.



    for future reference you should always export the db via phpmyadmin or just do a backup from within wordpress before doing anything kind of function that can/will effect the db. I learned the hard way but much more serious as I was trying to do a search and replace directly using phpmyadmin and ended up over writing wp_posts on the entire db… hadn’t done a backup for 2 months, and lol no undo function 🙂


    I’d welcome clarification 🙂

    I thought (wrongly) that the pages were held as files.
    When I backed up my website I backed up the total WordPress folder, but of course did not think about the database.
    I erased both WordPress files and database from website, and therefore I’m having to be re-doing the pages from scratch.

    I am not clear how can I backup pages etc. Or is it easier/more effective to just backup the database?

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    Backup your database for all your settings, posts, and information.

    Backup your files for all your attachments, plugins, themes and the config in wp-config.php and .htaccess

    Basically you need to back up both. Always.

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