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  • Hello everyone,

    I am attempting to bring together some of the many solutions offered up by others within this forum, for making posts dated with future time stamps viewable within worpress. In addition to this, I am hoping that someone with more php and wordpress knowledge than I, will be able to help me get out of the rut that I am in with regards to this whole issue. As background, I am running WordPress 2.0.4 with no active plugins. My code is largely taken from the default theme, although I have created my own css stylesheet and xhtml templates for layout purposes. I am using the default permalink structure for WP 2.0.4

    Solution #1:
    Alex Tingle’s EventCalendar. This is a great plugin and I have used it for other versions of my site, which is an online syllabus. It can be downloaded here – The problem I have encountered with EC3 is its limitation to a single event category. If you need to see future dated posts across multiple categories, EC3 will be unable to accomodate. (I would love to hear if others have found this untrue.)

    Solution #2:
    Edit Classes.php (This solution was posted here – by CedU)

    Find this code in the file classes.php.
    if ($pagenow != 'post.php' && $pagenow != 'edit.php' && !($this->is_single && $user_ID)) {
    $where .= " AND post_date_gmt <= '$now'";

    Comment out this line from the above code.
    // $where .= " AND post_date_gmt <= '$now'";

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  • Sorry, I think that my previous post got cut off. Not sure if it is a mistake on my end, or if it just has not made it through moderation yet? I will wait a bit and post the rest if nothing else changes.

    Probably ought to repost – I don’t see anything in spam etc. Try just posting what got cut off….

    Comment out this line from the above code.
    //` $where .= " AND post_date_gmt <= '$now'";

    KENpress, I’m just going to edit that back in where it belongs, makes more sense that way, ‘kay?


    I think that my post may be too long for this forum, keeps getting cut off? The second post is also incomplete. What are the limits? Sorry, I am new to the forums.

    Geesh. No, there’s not really a hard limit, far as I know. Do this, go to and paste the whole thing there, then post the link back here, and let me see what happens.

    Thanks, and sorry!


    Bad luck of some kind on my part. It seems to get cut off at the exact same place in the wordpress pastebin. Here is the link to that:

    This is the full intended text of the post here:
    I thought it might be easier for you to spot a problem if you can see the whole thing.
    Sorry to be so much trouble.

    Okay, you’ve got some seriously wonky code in there (looking at the text file. Everywhere those two “squares” show up, you can’t even copy.

    So let me tweak on it. But we really don’t want code that long posted here, so once it’s cleaned up I’ll put it on pastebin and post the link so anyone who may have an idea can find it….

    And here it is:

    This, for anyone who can take a look to help, is the entire content of the post begun above by the OP.

    Sorry for the hassles, KENpress.

    Thanks vkaryl.

    Please note: I am looking at this link live in Safari, and it looks perfect. None of the aforementioned squares. Cursed I say!

    Could be something with differing browsers; I’m using SeaMonkey which like Firefox generally displays stuff just fine.

    Very weird.

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