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  • HI,
    I have a website made with serif webplus X6. I need to recreate my website from scratch using WordPress. ALL instructions and discussions I found anywhere do not address the problem of someone who already has a domain name and a host and whose website was not created with WordPress. All the steps I’ve ever read about assume you can create with WordPress ON your website. Well, I can not touch my website because it is live and I don’t want to mess it up and it was created with another platform. I want a platform where I can create a website on my computer and only when it is finished, load it onto my hosting service and swap it with my existing live website. How do I do that? I would not go through all this headache if I didn’t need to keep my existing domain name, but I do. So, therefore, I can not start creating with WordPress the way ALL instructions I’ve found are teaching, which assume I need to get a domain name and then create with WP on it. Can someone offer instructions on how to start creating with WordPress in my situation? Please. Search any instructions for how to use WordPress and they will ALL start with creating a domain name and building off of that. What if I already have a domain name and an existing website. What do I do then? Re-create the website and only when it is finished, upload it to the host. But how? How?
    Thank you for any helpful suggestions.

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