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  • Samboll, I have a couple of technical questions on WP. Your email address has changed and I can’t reach you that way. Is there a way to send you a message on WP help forum? If not, will you please email me via my website/email contact? Thank you.

    My host updated my WP version for me because it got hung up part way through. I have had a few quirks since then, and am having one now. For some reason my usual WP home page is not what shows up when I go to my website. Instead, it shows an old .html page I created many years ago. I’ve checked the permalinks in WP and they look ok. I tried to use option 2 (day/time) for permalinks general settings, but it says my .htaccess is not writeable. I saw an old topic where you said to change it to 666, update permalinks, then go back to 644. I tried this, but still received the message that it was unwriteable.

    I am stuck. My home page is wrong, and I can’t change the permalinks to day/time.

    Please suggest what to do; Sam, if you can reach me via my site, thank you!

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  • …crazy. I just discovered the old html file was in my wp directory, so that was taking precedence over the index.php file, correct? I got rid of the html file, and voila.

    Did the permalinks change for pretty page names, then copied the data into the htaccess file manually.

    Unsure why it would not do it itself, since I changed the permissions to 666….

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