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  • I had a copy of my site put on another url lock stock and barrel as I want to use most of what’s on there. Problem is although I know the site’s there on the new url it goes to the original site ‘cos the wp-config file still has the old database. Am I right if I can change that to the new db that the problem will be solved? Is there a tool that will allow me to run the config again and what files will I need to do that please?

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  • You don’t need any tool – except a simple plain text ediotr.
    And you don’t “run” the config file. Just open it and replace the old values with the new ones.
    BTW, is the database imported to the new site? Otherwise the whole “copy of my site” is an emtpy carcass 🙂
    You have to backup your old DB and restore it in the new location:
    (read the whole thing and you’ll find instructions for restoring, too)




    This may be the solution I’m lookin for..

    unable to run install.php – I get the std msg wp-config not found after the install.
    Could it be becos I need to import db (after exporting). I figured that if I’ve backed it up(ie exported) the original should still be accessible after new install/upgrade(2.05).

    Would this cause the install.php not to run?.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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