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  • well there are a few ways to do this. First you can order them my alphabet, or buy number this sucks because the are placed in the order they are created. This means that to order them in a specific way you have to delete them all and create them in the order you want them to be shown. Other than that you are going to have to go into the actual SQL database and fool around.

    Try this plugin:

    Easier than fooling with SQL

    I found this one as well:

    it does links and categories.

    Hey guys,

    I am using 2.7 now and tried this plugin. I can move the categories around, click on sort order and still it has no effect on my homepage. The categories are still in A-Z order. Do I have to trick the theme or change anything in the CSS / PHP part? And if so, where would I find it?

    Works okay for me. Make sure you click the “Click to Order Categories” You should also see a message that says that a successful ‘patch’ to wp-includes/taxonomy.php was completed when you first access the Links->My Link Order panel.

    You have to change your theme to use the new orderby parameters or switch to the widget the plugin installs. It doesn’t automatically order it on your front end. If you aren’t using widgets then your function call in your theme should look something like this:


    @michael: it does give me the “successful” message, but I assume I need to change something in the them still.

    @froman118: I am using other widgets successfully, e.g. event calendar or the NextGENgallery widget. Just this one gives me problems.

    The code you are giving me, where do I find it? In the article code or the main template code or where? I went through all of them but can’t seem to find it.

    You have to put it in your main template code, as far as I know.

    Hi SilkchenGermany

    It’s usually the cache, either on your server, web browser and in most cases your ISP.

    So if you reboot your server, unless of course you are not hosting your wordpress, ask your hosting company to flush the cache for you.
    clear all of your cookies, if still no luck then it’s your ISP, you will have to wait few days for the cache to renew.

    There’s nothing more annoying than the cache, it is equally useful but very annoying at the same time, especially when it’s your ISPs which you won’t have access

    Or check with your friends after you made any changes ask them to load your site and see any changes, they should see the changes.

    If you are already using widgets then you can just swap the built in Links widget with the My Link Order widget.


    That is the actual solution to it! Easy as always:

    I didn’t deactivate the original 2.7 category widget! Arrrrrrrrghhhhh how stupid. I have just been sent the same hint by the developer himself and it works.

    No more A-Z for me, thanks people.

    btw: the wp_list_bookmarks or anything named category_order couldn’t be found in the template code. I assume the reason is that the theme is widgetized so it does need a different plugin like this to be replaced and the actual codes may be different? Maybe someone still cares for the code in case the theme is not widget-ready, but I assume the topic is resolved (at least for me it is, for now) 😉

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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