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    I am starting a new WP installation. I installed NextGEN and started to build galleries. I decided after I had made three galleries that I wanted to re-number them. I deleted two of the galleries and when I went to add a new one, it numbered it Gallery 4. After some more trials, I now have Gallery 6 as the one and only gallery.

    How do I renumber the galleries so that I have Gallery 1, 2, 3 etc? It appears that I might have to re-install the NextGen gallery to reset the numbers?

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    @matoca – The gallery ID are assigned from the database index … there is no option / function within NextGEN Gallery to re-number them.

    IF you are just starting / building the site you could “start over from scratch” by uninstalling NextGEN Gallery and then verifying the three tables added to the database have also been removed before re-installing and adding your new galleries.


    – Cais.

    Thank you! I was musing this over and came to the same conclusion. I am just starting, so now is the time to make the mistakes and fix them.

    I wish documentation was clearer on describing the basic structure like this. I have read “adding and managing galleries” carefully, but something like this is not really covered. Finding trouble shooting information seems haphazard at times.
    Thank you,

    This is proving to be a tenacious problem. I first tried deactivating NextGEN, then activating. Created new gallery, that was #7 gallery. Then I completely deleted NextGEN, and re-installed, gallery #8. Uninstalled all NextGEN plugins, reinstalled. Now I have gallery #9.

    Short of completely deleting the WordPress installation and starting fresh (not), I don’t see any way to change this from the dashboard. I’ll poke around in my server files and see if I can find the database indexes and delete them. If I am going to break the WP installation, now is the time to do it.

    Deleted all of NextGEN directory and files on the server, logged out of blog, logged back in and then installed a fresh NextGEN plugin. The NextGEN welcome screen showed 0 galleries.

    I added a new gallery. That gallery is #10. What a mess. The new gallery is under wp-Content>gallery. There is only one gallery in there, the one I just created. So this must be a WP database numbering issue, not NextGEN. I don’t know how to reset that to 1. Any ideas?

    and then verifying the three tables added to the database have also been removed before re-installing and adding your new galleries.

    That’s the answer. As said, after Nextgen uninstallation you have to access to your DATABASE (via phpMyAdmin or via host’s control panel) and manually delete the three Nextgen tables if you wanna restart from scratch.
    Files and images are on the server, data are on the database.

    Edward Caissie


    Theme Review Admin, The JellyBeen Man

    @matoca – Did you remove the three NextGEN Gallery tables from the database? That is generally more than enough to reset the NextGEN indices.

    – Cais.

    I did not know that despite deleting the all of the NextGEN directory and files on the server that it would not also remove the databases.

    It is interesting that uninstalling and deleting NextGEN from the dashboard really doesn’t remove the NextGEN folder or any of the folders and files underneath.

    I have used phpMyAdmin before and now that you have explained how to do this I will try that next.
    Thank you, Matoca

    It was easy getting into the database, the hardest part was finding the right WordPress database installation. The file names for wp databases have changed in time from something like _wp11 to _wor3. So I had to view the contents of a few databases to find the right one. The one I just installed is _wor3.

    I deleted the ngg_gallery in _wor3 but when I logged back into the blog and installed a new gallery, it was numbered 12.

    So I went back into phpMyAdmin and selected “edit” for the database and changed the value for the -gid- from 12 to 1.

    Logged back in and now the gallery is numbered 1! Problem solved, thank you.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @matoca – I’m glad you have this sorted out, sorry it was such a laborious task to accomplish.

    – Cais.

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