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  • if i add a new category and would like to file several existing posts into this new category, is there a way to do this without individually editing each post? there must be, or this is a major oversight of the current version.

    ideally, it would be like filing multiple emails into a new label like you can do in gmail, if that metaphor helps explain it better.

    i can’t believe i can’t find a way to do this… any help appreciated.

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  • To my knowledge there isn’t a way to mass edit posts like that and I agree that there probably should be.. More over I bet if you go to the ideas page its already in there somewhere..

    thanks… a real bummer. you are right, others have mentioned this basic need also. not sure how such an obvious feature managed to escape the design of this otherwise nice software.

    I think its a presentation problem.. Right now with the way the manage posts page is laid out it would be difficult to shoehorn in a way for users to mass edit categories,.. or atleast it would be cumbersome hehe..

    Not that it cant be done.

    never mind, i fixed it! i just coded a quick plugin to let you file as many posts into a new categories as you want, painlessly!

    then, i woke up!

    Want to let us know if we can get the plugin from you? I’m having a huge nightmare with this at the moment – I bet lots of people would be grateful 🙂

    ha ha, sorry….. when i said “then, i woke up!”, i meant that i was dreaming, it was in my dreams that i could quickly code a plugin to do this!

    sorry, i don’t have a plugin… or a way to solve this extremely ever-pressing oversight in what is otherwise a great WordPress.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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