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  • PersonaGrated


    I’m not using any plugins other than the default.

    I’ve inserted two pictures into my post. They are single pictures which have ‘left alignment’ so they can stand next to each other.

    My text will NOT go underneath the images. Instead it stands to the right of them.

    Pressing ‘enter’ 3 times puts the text underneath the images. But ONLY in the visual editor. When one visit the website it appears the same as this picture; aligned to the right.

    How to put text below two images?

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  • Jay


    Send a link to the page so we can take a look at it.



    Ice Climbers Freeze Glitch: Soft and Hard

    Go to the bottom where it says “Two images temporary test”.



    Include text under the inserted image works fine. You can use spaces, CR, and left/right alignment for each item to adjust the images and text relationships.
    Maybe I do not understand the Q.



    Do you see this text “This text should be on a different line below the images.” ?

    How to put it below the images, *not* by the side of it?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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