How to put social media buttons in a box next to the post title. (1 post)

  1. jahoerbelt
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I've seen this done on a lot of different sites but I can't seem to get the div positioning right when I go through the settings page on wordpress plugins or even when I put the code in manually.

    Can someone help me put a facebook like box count and a twitter box count to the left or right of my post titles and on the homepage in excerpts as well?

    I don't care if they are in a box stacked on top of each other or if they are simply next to each other and next to the post title. I've tried a lot of trial and error and searching the internet but I haven't been able to get it quite right. I've managed to get the twitter button where I want it but I can't get the facebook button to show up next to or beneath it without messing up the alignment of the post content or title. Take a look: JaimeHoerbelt.com

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